All Are Welcome!

This Sunday, october 3

Rev. Jeannie Himes' sermon will be "Allow Them All to Come" based on Mark 10: 13-16.


Services in the sanctuary begin at 8:30 a.m. and 10:50 a.m. Online services will continue at 11 a.m. on Facebook Live. Within an hour of the live broadcast, video will be available for viewing on our website and our YouTube channel.

9:30 a.m. adult Sunday school classes are in a hybrid format, in our building, as well as online using Zoom video conferencing. (See descriptions below.) If you would like to visit a virtual adult Sunday School class, email the church office at or Rev. Dianne Peters at

this week's adult education offerings

These classes begin each Sunday at 9:30am. Come check us out!

  • Roots and Wings This class is enjoying an excellent video series called "The Story of God," hosted by Morgan Freeman. This week we are starting a new episode called "Visions of God." Is it possible to see God even if you doubt that God exists? Come hear some diverse stories in addition to recent studies on what role our temporal lobe might play. We gather each week in Community Hall. For more information, contact Dianne Peters (

  • Listening for God class will be doing a service project this Sunday. We are going to make personal card to be given to those staying at the city's overnight shelter. Rhonda will buy bottles of gatorade to which we can tie a card. They will be just short, affirming messages. If you have a chance, think about what you might want to write on the cards. It can be a very short message, and we will not be signing our names. Michelle Evans, Coordinator for Homeless Programs of Norman, said cards are really appreciated by the clients. We meet in Roiom 6 at St. Stephen's or on Zoom. For more information, contact Rhonda Stock (

  • Challenges and Choices this week Dee Fink and Ben Southerland are going to present on Culture Wars: This is a term we hear used a lot. What does it mean? What culture wars do we feel engaged in? Does anyone ever change sides in a culture war? Our class meets in Room 11 or on Zoom. For more information, contact Cheryl Frech (

  • Seekers class discusses all kinds of subjects, usually beginning with a short video. This week, class members will be leading. We meet in Room 12 at St. Stephen's or on Zoom. For more information, contact Mary Lee (