Surviving plagues

This week, in preparing for worship, I am thinking about the plagues. You know – the plagues of Egypt as Moses tried to free the slaves from Pharaoh: frogs, lice, sick animals, skin sores, hail, locusts, darkness, death. Lucky us – the Hebrew Bible thread is taking us into this, just as we are living with multiple plagues ourselves! Passover was the culmination of these plagues.

I found this picture, which I guess is a vegetarian's Passover Seder plate:

After some time had passed, the Children of Israel came to commemorate a time of trouble and plague and pain with a celebration – a celebration of having come through it and made it to the other side.

It will be a while before we get there with our multiple plagues of 2020. But the day will come when we will look back and remember. We will be changed, and what we will be is not yet known. Our prayers and our work for health and justice will carry us through, to a different life. But it will be a life together.

Peace, shalom.............. Jeannie