Disturbingly different

"The prophet in this day—facing a world where rugged individualism reigns and those who can’t make it on their own are easily forgotten—now must do more than simply serve. They must lead this world beyond its present divisions of race and gender, or national identity and economic class. Yes, the prophet is always out of step with the average response to pain or want or loss or oppression. They are always disturbingly different, always

stirring up the consciousness of those left behind, always confronting a world that obstructs them, always on a path toward the Kingdom rather than the palace."      

                                                                        From The Time is Now: A Call to Unequal Courage by Joan Chittister


Disturbingly different, stirring up the consciousness. This is our call as people of faith. Finding ways to do this is not easy, and can be maddening. But God’s people are gifted with means of perseverance. We do things, together and separately, that equip us to keep carrying on. We worship, we pray, we sit and think in meditation—all of which are means of equipping us to go on being disturbingly different in a world that rewards conformity.


Does this make us prophets? We may not want to be—they can sometimes be way out there. But it makes us followers of the prophets, listeners of the prophetic word. In our world, in our time, we are called to be the people who look beyond the divisions of race and gender, national identity and economic class, and see beloved human beings. See them. See one another / love one


Blessings, Jeannie


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