holy ground

This week, in researching the Burning Bush scripture, I have found that a lot of poets have written about it. Moses and the bush that burned, not consumed; standing on holy ground; standing against oppression – significant themes.

I share with you a portion of a poem by liturgical poet Jan Richardson:

Blessing at the Burning Bush

You will have to decide
if you want this—
want the blessing
that comes to you
on an ordinary day
when you are minding
your own path,
bent on the task before you
that you have done
a hundred times,
a thousand.

You will have to choose
for yourself
whether you will attend
to the signs,
whether you will open your eyes
to the searing light, the heat,
whether you will open
your ears, your heart
to the voice
that knows your name,
that tells you this place
where you stand—
this ground so familiar
and therefore unregarded—
is, in fact,

This week, wherever you find yourself, look around for signs, and know that you may just be standing on holy ground.

Blessings................... Jeannie