facing ourselves more than ever

In her book Between the Dark and the Daylight, Joan Chittister says:

Separation removes us from the turmoil that blocks out both the unfinished business of the past and our own quiet but undeveloped hopes for the future. It is life in the present, whole and entirely our own. It enables us, finally, to ask and receive an answer to the question we fear more than any other: Who would I be if I ever became myself?


She was writing a few years ago, about a need to seek out solitude. Now that solitude is forced upon all of us, worldwide, the words take on a different shade. But really, we are forced to live in the present: the ways of the past are not likely to return for a long time, and we have no idea how to plan for the future. We are left to be ourselves, to face ourselves with almost no one else around. Kind of a retreat that none of us planned to go on. And yet, here we are. Facing ourselves more than ever. In that, we can find strength. And strength for these days is needed more than anything else, and God offers to bring us what we need to find and build that strength.


I thought of former times, years long past. During the night I remembered my song. I meditate in my heart, and my spirit ponders. (Ps 77:5-6)

God be with you......... Jeannie