We create paths

Travelers, there is no path, paths are made by walking.”  -- Antonio Machado

I'm thinking this week about the journey we are all on, the shaky ground on which we are trying to keep our footing. It's not just an uncharted path we navigate, but one in which we can't see what lies ahead, and have no idea how long it is or where we will be when we emerge.

So the title of a Brian McLaren book caught my eye – We Make the Road by Walking. I looked up the source of his title, and found that he had gotten the idea from the Machado quote above.  Antonio Machado was a Spanish poet, living in a turbulent time, and wrote these words not long after the death of his young wife. Writing in a time filled with uncertainty and sorrow, he described life as walking with no path to follow.

As we wander, we create paths. Put one foot in front of the other, and create the path. Others may follow and make the path more clear. Or we may have to find the path another has begun, when our journey is no longer walkable.

We keep asking one another what our plans are, when we have no way of knowing which way we will go, or even how to stand on ground that shakes.

What we do know is that we have companions on the journey. We have faith to take with us, that will help us to stand again when we are knocked down. We have God to show us that the  stars go on above us, wherever we wander, and that grace doesn't quake, even when all else does.

Peace................ Jeannie