The one that is at higher risk matters

This week I read a comment and biblical reference in regard to  “Black Lives Matter” . The person was referring to people who want to insist that all lives mattering is being left out when one says this. The scripture he used was Luke 15, the parable of the Lost Sheep.


You may know this one: Jesus tells the story as an illustration in his teaching. He says that a shepherd who has 100 sheep, and can't find one, leaves the 99 while going to look for the one. The commenter says that the 99 may say “what about us? Don't we matter?” Of course the 99 matter. But they are not the ones in danger. The one is.


Yes. The one that is not included in the herd matters. The one that is at higher risk matters. The one that is not following the crowd matters. Jesus message was to not just go with the majority and find “collateral damage” acceptable, but to notice that one that is outside the main flock, that is in danger.


Yes. Say it. Black Lives Matter.


Peace.................... Jeannie