from Rev. Dianne

As United Methodists we commit to a set of vows when we decide to join our local congregation: to support our community with our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service and our witness.


What does it mean to “witness”?  It doesn’t mean that you have to be willing to speak publicly about your personal faith, (unless you want to do so.) But words matter, so as Jesus followers we do try to be very mindful of what we say—and what we do—particularly when we are involved in church activities. 


We encourage our youth and adults to wear their St. Stephen’s t-shirts on trips or any time. Doing so makes us a visual witness, even if we never say a word.  Thank you to all those who were part of the Pride parade this year!  People notice St. Stephen’s actively supports GLBTQ+ folks, and some people come to visit us as a result.  That’s a great witness!


I am always so pleased when St. Stephen’s goes the extra mile to support our youth in their mission work!  We always need adult volunteers who can be role models and are willing to work beside our kids. We already have a great group of adult sponsors for the trip to Biloxi in July.  Our youth and adults will be representing St. Stephen’s and our commitment to care for anyone who needs our help.


Of course, we also need money to take our group to where they are going to serve.  This year you can “buy stock” as one of the ways of giving your support, or purchase some of the specific items that our St. Stephen’s group will use.  (Watch for the list.) We never want money to stop young people from participating, so some people really like providing funds for youth scholarships as needed.  Anything you can give will be appreciated. That’s a great witness too!


Go be a blessing to someone today!           Rev. Dianne Peters