small bursts and slow turnings

This week we have seen the first steps of the formation of the split-off from the denomination. As of last Sunday, the conservative Global Methodist Church has legally incorporated. One bishop, who has long been a leader in this process, resigned in order to join the new denomination. This was a move of integrity – he will not be holding on to a place of influence in the UMC, but is now fully part of the newly-formed right wing church.


The changes will come in small bursts and slow turnings. Most of the indications of how we will all be effected will not come until late summer and this fall. Change of this magnitude is not overnight. But the church has had divisions in the past, so we have some history to inform us.


I believe that this is for the best. I believe that we will be healthier and happier when we reach the goal. Bringing God's message of grace and inclusion is a goal worth struggling for. Full equality for all loving, beloved people matters tremendously.


Blessings and peace............ Jeannie