whoever you are

This weekend is Pride weekend in Norman. It is an honor to be able to say that St Stephen's is a Platinum-level sponsor of Norman Pride.


We have been in the struggle for full inclusion in both church and society for a long time. Years ago St Stephen's studied the theology & church history, held discussions and debates, and concluded that God calls us to have the broadest welcome possible. St Stephen's has stood for this for about 24 years, pushing toward the road of greater inclusion.


There are ups and downs on this road. This week has seen our state take draconian measures against youth who are trying to find their way to their truest selves, and the adults who love and help them. This is no way to treat one another. This is no message to send to teens, whether gay or straight or trans or gender fluid or two spirit.


As a community of faith, the biggest message we need to send to teens is that God loves you. Whoever you are – God loves you.


Join us this weekend – at the Saturday Festival and at the Sunday evening parade, to spread this message: Whoever you are – God loves you.


Peace             Jeannie