the bent-over woman

This week I listened to a sermon by Rev. Traci Blackmon, a leader in the UCC denomination, and African-American. Speaking on the story of the “Bent-Over Woman” from Luke 13, she noted that “Jesus saw her”. And, being unlike Jesus to look down on someone, he would have bent over like her, in order to see her. Bent over to her level, where he could really see her, contorting his own body to be able to face her.

This story's metaphor is that being bent over is to carry a heavy burden. And in these days of pandemic disease, those who are already bent over by burdens are being effected the most: those who have no financial cushion when out of work; those who live in poverty, and the homeless; those in fragile condition in nursing facilities; people of color, immigrants, who work the unpleasant jobs in meat processing plants.

Some people are born bent over with burdens, and others end up that way for a multitude of reasons. Jesus doesn't leave us there. Jesus bends over with us, and as he called her “daughter of Abraham”, thereby claiming her as family, he calls us family as well.

Peace be with you..................... Jeannie