our transition nears

As now we advance even more toward my retirement, I say again (as in my January retirement announcement) how grateful I am to have served St Stephen's. You are a fantastic community, with much grace and willingness to embrace justice and truth.


Many have asked what we will be doing in retirement, where we will live, etc. Yes, we will be retiring in Norman. When we came here 9 years ago, we bought a house with retiring in it in mind. But clergy have learned through many years of experience that the pastor retiring in the same community has a careful line to walk. I will not be present at St Stephen's or any of your programs for some time, allowing the new pastor the space and time to make this church their own.


We will run into each other around town, of course. I will always care about all of you and how you are doing. But I will not be your pastor, and will not have pastoral conversations. I will support your new pastor in becoming very much a part of this beautiful community, as you endear yourselves to them, and they to you.


Over the next several newsletters I will write more about our transition, and how we can all make it as healthy and clear as we can.


Blessings to you always,                Jeannie