a still standing year

Thanksgiving. How do we give thanks, when things we counted on are lying like broken fallen branches that are still scattered at our feet?

Some years Thanksgiving seems to be a celebration of abundance. Other years it's a deep breath and thanks that we're just still standing.

This is a still standing year. So take a breath, and be thankful for what you can:

Having electricity in your home.

Having a home.

Seeing a familiar person in another car and waving like crazy.

Electronic ways of seeing others faces and conversing.

Electronic ways for kids to learn, even if it's not as good as what happens in person.

Books that inspire us, and church companions who recommend more to us.

Being able to get the food we want to eat.


Grace. Grace that is divinely offered to us, that encourages us to offer grace to others, and to


Reminders. Reminders that the sun will dawn on a new day, the new year will leave behind the old.


You have things, simple things, to be thankful about. Be reminded, be blessed, offer a kind word.


Blessings to you.................... Jeannie