part of the picture

We are all part of the picture.


This past year, many of us have spent some of our increased at-home time with jigsaw puzzles. Something feels good about having many separate pieces work together to create a beautiful picture.


This is why we chose this as the theme for our Stewardship – both volunteering of time and giving of money. All of us coming together to create a full picture makes our faith community vibrant and beautiful. Each piece, no matter the size, is an important part of the whole. Each one of us giving of ourselves gets our church to greater strength, health, and outreach. Each one matters. And our lives and our faith are not full without the spiritual practice of giving of time and resources.


Yes, the picture of our church is not as beautiful without each person. It is not complete without you.


I am blessed by the picture that all of you are a part of. Thank you for all you do.