we share this recognition

This week is World Communion Sunday. It's a recognition that I have always loved, the image of Christians all around the world sharing this ritual in common. Different as we are, there is some element of familiarity that comes through in the Eucharist celebrations.


When I have been with mission teams at Methodist churches in various other countries, we have shared Holy Communion. In Bolivia, grape juice is hard to come by and expensive. So the poorer churches use cola

instead – something they can easily get. In Guatemala I was at a very primitive church – the pews were

cinder blocks with boards across them. Yet, they had a brass tray with little glass cups, that we would find (at least in the closet) at any US church. The methods vary, but the spirit of taking Communion lets us know that we share a central aspect of faith.


One gift of churches worldwide being in “virtual” state is that we can look in on worship services of vastly different places. Watching a service that has communion, from a different culture, in a language we may not speak, still has that ring of familiarity. We have this ritual in common, we share this recognition of who we are as communities of faith.


So this year on World Communion Sunday, I will be thinking of the places around the world where they are worshipping apart, just as we are. And we all share one bread, one cup, dispersed.


Blessings............... Jeannie