universal question

This coming Sunday I will preach on what I think is one of the most-beloved scriptures for progressives – Micah 6. The question it poses is basically – what does God want from us? That's a good universal question. And those on the right and those on the left answer it very differently.


It is not easy to overcome the mental tapes that were placed into us in our youth. They too often tell us that certain words must be said, certain prayers repeated, certain music listened to if we are truly followers of God. We grow into other kinds of belief, or just leave behind the faith of our early years, and rebuild a belief system that makes sense in our life experiences. But the backgound is still there, telling us that there are many rules to being a Christian.


Both Micah and Jesus put it more simply. There are basic things that God asks of you – not simple, but very basic. Love one another. Do justice. Love kindness. Walk humbly with God.


Blessings                              Jeannie