walking into this year

Waking up together in a new year – greeting it together with purpose and intention and hope. I hope that you are walking into this year with good people by your side.


St Stephen's finished 2022 beautifully – with people gathered for Christmas services, and giving faithfully. The Christmas Eve mission offering to pay school lunch accounts for students at Whittier brought in much more than expected. Thank you.


Toward the end of the year we found that we had some unexpected needs in our building. You may remember that in September we had 3 air conditioners damaged by an electrical problem, and some of you were ready to respond financially to that. We were pleasantly surprised that all of that was covered by our insurance.  However, the needs to replace heat exchangers on two of our thirteen heating units was due to wear and tear. So in December we had this unexpected expense, that came to $12,000.

This has tightened our finances for the beginning of the year. Any extra giving toward this would be a tremendous help just now.


Thank you for all the well wishes for me personally. I appreciate you all more than you will ever know.

Blessings to you.                     Jeannie